At Aoratos Nature, we pride ourselves on not only manufacturing high quality Sports Nutrition, All-Natural, and cutting-edge supplements, but also helping customers like yourself take their Brand to the next level. With years of experience, our knowledgeable staff works directly with you to create the perfect supplements for your Brand! Tired of getting the runaround from your current manufacturer? Never worry about being left in the dark again. Aoratos Nature will be with you during every step of the manufacturing process.


Trust the company that will manufacture your dietary supplement in a lab equipped with ultra-efficient machinery.

We have the privilege to manufacture your supplements with the most innovative nutraceutical manufacturing machinery available. Our manufacturing facility has a large raw material warehouse and comes equipped with handling machinery so ingredients are directly accessible when manufacturing your formula. The warehouse stocks over $10,000,000 of raw material sourced from around the world. Accurate price quotes within 24-48 hours are possible because raw material pricing is known. Equally important, we can guarantee 4-week turnaround of your work order because those needed materials are on-hand in the warehouse. Other supplement manufacturing businesses often exceed 8-weeks turnaround time, which we feel is too long a wait for any customer, seasoned or startup. If you are a budding entrepreneur, you do not necessarily want to bring in outside investment and you definitely do not want to lose the time value of your ideas. Makers Nutrition knows you want to hit the market with your brand as soon as possible. Our efficient modes of production can make it happen for your business!

Perfected supplement manufacturing methodology.

High operational output is made possible by the policies which govern the manufacturing facility and the management staff. The supplement manufacturing team is cross-trained and each member is devoted to excellence. The laboratory is organized for safe and efficient supplement manufacturing. Our production management team is exceptional at organizing and streamlining the manufacturing project so it reaches completion on-time. The operation is smooth and we do everything in our power to avoid delays or mistakes when producing your supplements. When comparing the operation to competing supplement manufacturers, our service advantage is the process we follow to guarantee a 4-Week Turnaround.

Manufacture Supplements With The Experts

When you choose Maker’s Nutrition as your supplement manufacturer, a planning expert will guide you through the product development process. This value added service is helps expedite the preparation of your work order and greatly benefits the product outcome. We’re ready to help you manufacture your custom formula, request a quote to get started.

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